Own your health.

We all like to be the tough guy, right?

You find yourself saying ‘She’ll be right’ or ‘I’m just getting older. It’s normal’.

I’m here to tell you, it WON’T be right!

Accepting what society sees as ‘normal’ is leading to some fairly scary health outcomes for we men.

It’s time for you to own your health.

And you can do so by starting with as little as TWO MINUTES A DAY.

Learn about my own personal health journey here.


What you get with The Man Shred:

* A 10 day meal plan and healthy eating guide

* The Man Up exercise guide

* High grade micro and macro nutritional support

* Exclusive access to the The Man Shred's private Facebook group

* One-on-one consultation with The Man Shred team

* Access to our fantastic resource centre

* Program starts from $130 (all up)

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